The Coffee Cafe

"The Big Rajah invites you for coffee. A continental-style coffee break serving sandwiches, light lunches and a range of delicious coffees. Great for a light snack"

Menu A

Cheese Sandwiches/Cheese Sticks
Pandan Lapis
Kaya Balls
Coffee or Tea

Menu B

Finger Sardine Rolls
Kuih Seri Muka
Butter Cake
Digestive Bake
Coffee or Tea

Menu C

Sultana Raisin Loaf
Finger Pizza
Crab Rolls
Swiss Rolls
Coffee or Tea

Menu D

Finger Sandwiches
Prawn Rolls
Cream Puffs
Kuih Lapis
Coffee or Tea

Menu E

Danish Twist
Kuih Talam
Ikan Bilis Puffs
Chocolate Eclairs
Coffee or Tea

Menu F

Chocolate Cake
Almond Pandan Puffs
Kuih Selat
Fried Won-Ton
Coffee or Tea

Menu G

Finger Curry Puff
Kuih Talam
Swiss Rolls
Coffee or Tea

Menu H

Buttered Scones
Cheese Sticks
Masala Vadai
Jagung Lapis
Coffee or Tea