The Royal Family Day

Menu A

Fried Chicken with Onions (OTS)
Canton Fried Noodles
Special Fried Rice
Mutton/Beef Rendang
Waldorf Salad
Sauteed Mixed Rainbow Vegetables
Tropical Fruits
Orange Cordial

Menu B

Penang Char Keow Teow (OTS)
Taj Tandoori Chicken (OTS)
Roti Chanai with Dhall (OTS)
Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint Sauce (OTS)
Hot Dogs (OTS)
Rainbow Ice-Kacang (OTS)
Basmathi White Rice
Fish Curry with Ladies Finger
Potato-Apple Salad
Nyonya Kuih-Muih
Root-Beer Cordial

Menu C

Superior Grilled Satay with (OTS)
Assam Laksa (OTS)
Cendol Delight (OTS)
Ketupat/Nasi Impit
Roti Jala with
Chicken Curry
Assorted Seafood Balls
Golden Spring Rolls
Lychee Cordial

"Whet your appetite by walking the length of the buffet spread, before indulging in a hearty meal of generous servings. Eat your heart out, Malaysia!"